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Crypto Trading Does Not Require:

KYC / AML / Selfie

We don't ask for your ID, source of funds or any private information and we do not provide FIAT services. You can interact with 50X.com just like you deal with the blockchain - a private key is enough. We will never dump to the public your ID copies like Binance and many other exchanges - simply because we do not have them.

Fishing and Account hacks

If you somehow compromise your Password and 2FA on any other exchange, you may say bye-bye to your tokens. But not on 50x.com! Just be sure to set up a withdrawal delay and your Emergency Withdrawal Addresses. You will be able to cancel any unauthorised withdrawal before tokens leave your account, and withdraw all your funds to your secure wallet using Master Key.

Waiting weeks to get support

We work 24/7 and support requests are processed on the day we receive them. You'll get help when YOU need it.

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Why Is 50x.com Safer ?

Check out the unique security features

Additional Withdrawal OTP

Almost any exchange uses 2-Factor Authentication with One Time Passwords (OTP) and that still isn't good enough against phishing.

That's why on 50x.com we have an optional additional withdrawal OTP with a separate private key to be used only for withdrawals. So, even if you log in via a villain's site with your primary OTP - nobody can withdraw your tokens with it because a separate OTP should be used in this case.

Human Factor Excluded

Most people do not realize that KYC is a huge security hole.

If you are able to restore access to your account by providing your ID, passphrase etc., that also means that hackers can do the same. Once they got access to your email account (a protection level is much lower for emails) - they got all your communications, documents, they know all about you - and therefore can provide necessary private data to bypass 2FA on your exchange.

Master Key

Master Key is a one-time access tool to activate emergency tokens withdrawals from your account to your Emergency Withdrawal Addresses (EWA).

In case the regular authentication method with password and OTP is lost or not working for any reason, Master Key will help you to withdraw your funds and re-open the account with a new password/OTP.

What if someone found out your Master Key somehow? Do not worry!
The worst thing that may happen is an unexpected withdrawal of your tokens to your EWA

Emergency Withdrawal Addresses

Someone got your account details and logged in? Having problems accessing your account? Need to override a security withdrawal delay?

Emergency Withdrawal Address (EWA) is the address in each blockchain for all tokens you have on your account, where your tokens will be sent automatically if you activate Emergency Account Termination. Ideally, your own cold wallet address.

Time-based recovery

You may say some people can manage to lose all their access details including the Master Key, but even in this case there is a way to recover your tokens.

The bullet-proof recovery option on 50x.com for those who lost all their access keys is an option to withdraw all your tokens to your EWA by entering no more than a login.

Your Own Withdrawal Delay

You can set your own delay for withdrawal orders and for change requests of your Emergency Withdrawal Addresses (EWA). Received orders will be put on hold for a specified time and executed upon delay expiration. You can increase delay period any time you want, but reducing or canceling the delay will be implemented with the same delay as was set before for withdrawal orders.

You will be able to cancel any withdrawal order on hold during the delay period.

Instant withdrawals

Try it yourself !

Deposits and Withdrawals are superfast because we run our own nodes for each blockhain we support. No need to wait many confirmations from different sources like on other exchanges.

No need to wait!

Every new account is good for trading as soon as you've got all private keys for it.

Bot Friendly

We are a fair market and not afraid of your trading bots.

Use our full-featured API to connect and make money with us - including order changes, takeprofits, stoplosses, trailing stops!

Professional Trading Terminal

Our mobile-compatible trading terminal designed by professional traders with advanced position management functions making your profitable trading easier.

  • Changeable orders
  • StopLoss / TakeProfit / TrailingStop
  • Integrated Trader's log & blotter
  • Positions and pair analytics
  • Adjustable colors
terminal 50x

Why 50x.com?

There are 50+ cool & unique features on 50x.com waiting for you to discover them, but let's check a few benefits!


Stoploss, TakeProfit, TrailingStop

Trading terminal designed by professional traders to help in profitable trading and positions management.


Direct crosses

Any2Any means that you can trade ANY Trading Pair directly, with full support of the charts, TrailingStops, etc.


Fast Deposits / Withdrawals

We automatically process all requests without delay.


Low Commissions

In many trading pairs we have just 0.01% trading fees. Plus, by using A2A tokens you can get a 50% discount.


Support 24/7

If your troubleshooting request is not answered within 24h, your account will be credited with 500 A2A bonus tokens which you may use to pay the trading fees.


Manage other user's funds

Use protected Professional Master Account to receive tokens from other users and manage them as a single basket.

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